December 8, 2023

If I get Youda, what else do I need to buy?

Matt Grimshaw

Youda's isn't a traditional, comprehensive HR platform.

It's the glue or the central nervous system that knits together HR tech applications so you can create a great people experience that feels seamless, coherent and which reflects your brand.

But that means you're going to want to attach some HR tech applications to Youda to get the most out of it.

You don't need a lot to get you started. One of our key principles at Youda is that growing companies ought to build out their people operating system with modularity. Start with the essentials and then add new applications and switch things out as you grow.

So what do we think are the essential applications in your HR tech stack...

A communications platform

You need a way of talking to your people and for them to talk to you.

Youda can broadcast messages and run chatbots through WhatsApp, text or email... but it's not the best experience for your people and it can feel a bit disjointed and overwhelming if you have lots of sites.

So once you hit 5+ sites, you're probably going to want something like Slack, Workplace or Yapster.

A scheduling application

Managing rotas is one of the key drivers of performance and profitability in hospitality.

When you're small it's possible to get by on a google sheet, but once you're hitting 100+ people, we think you want a tool like Rota Ready or Deputy.

A payroll solution

You can set up Youda so it automatically sends a CSV file to your accountants or finance team, but if you want to offer your people flexibility about how and when they get paid, you need an application like PayCaptain.


There's certain information you're legally obliged to keep on your employees (things like their right to work, sickness, holidays, accidents). Again, once you get to c100 people or 5+ sites, most companies buy an HRIS or HR module to alleviate the admin burden of this.

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Matt Grimshaw
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