January 23, 2024

3 reasons to get Youda

Matt Grimshaw

Why get Youda?

1. Youda will make your teams more productive

With Youda you can automate all your repeatable people management tasks.

Holidays. Employment references. Sick leave. Updating personal details. All these boring admin tasks can be managed through self-service chatbots, saving your managers and People Team hours and hours of dull work.

You can also use Youda to create automated journeys for your people. Let's take onboarding a new team member as an example. You can design a digital journey that starts with a video message from your founders welcoming them to your business. They can be introduced to their new teammates and connect around shared interests. Sign their digital contract. Complete their right to work checks. Complete their compliance training. Order uniform. Get set up on payroll. And share their feedback on their first day, first week and first month.

All of this happens automatically. You build it once and then you look at the data to see how you can improve the process to remove bottlenecks, improve the experience for employees and the value to the business.

Finally, because Youda allows you to capture more data than any other system on the market, you can start to analyse the systemic value of your people management practices.

What does this mean in practice?

Well for example, Youda opens up the opportunity to predict not just how many people you need on a shift, but also who you need on a shift if you want to affect the probability of a particular outcome. Once you have enough data in the system, Youda can suggest the best combination of people to drive sales on a Saturday night or the best combination for optimising the customer experience on a wet Wednesday afternoon.

Another example would be looking at the effectiveness of your training programmes. Do they actually result in changes in behaviour? And does that impact the performance of the business? And if so, what's the ROI?

Youda is the only system on the market that will give you the data that enables you to move beyond just trying to manage the cost of your people, to understanding how your people create value for the business. And that means you can start making really smart decisions about where, when and how to invest in your people.

2. Youda will create a better experience for your people

Most people working in front line hospitality teams are digital natives. They've grown up on the internet, social media and mobile phones.

As consumers, they expect to get what they want instantly.

They expect a user experience that feels familiar, easy and intuitive.

And they expect the company they're dealing with to be responsive and to predict their needs so they can get an experience that feels relevant and personalised.

And let's be honest, if that's what you've grown up with, then the experience of working in most hospitality businesses is going to feel like stepping back in time.

Filling in paper forms. Waiting weeks for things to get processed. One size fits all processes, benefits and programmes.

If you're 19 it probably feels like you're working for a Victorian cotton mill!

Youda is the next generation of HR Tech for hospitality. With Youda you can create an employee experience that's fast, easy and personalised.

3. Youda will help you make your employee experience and culture a source of competitive advantage

At the moment, there are nearly 200,000 vacancies in UK hospitality businesses. That's enough to give a job to everybody living in Newcastle!

If you want your business to survive and grow, you have to attract, engage and retain the people you need to be successful.

Which is why the experience you give your people, your culture, and your employer brand have never been so important.

The hospitality businesses that get this right are the ones that are going to take market share and emerge as the big winners over the next couple of years. And the rest are going to really, really struggle to stay afloat.

If you truly want to make your people experience and culture a source of competitive advantage, it's not a one and done type solution.

Instead, you have to find a way of continually experimenting and improving. You need to test new ideas and generate the data so you can discover what works for your people and your business.

That's what Youda's built for.

Youda gives you the flexibility to create a people experience that reflects your unique brand, values and purpose.

And our vision for Youda is to create a platform that's the easiest and quickest way for you to set up new user journeys, to run A/B tests and discover what works for whom, when and why.

Youda can help you fix loads of practical problems and sub-optimal experiences. But ultimately the value of Youda is that it gives you a data-led way to learn how to best translate the aspirations you have for your culture, into the reality of your people experience.

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Matt Grimshaw
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