December 8, 2023

3 reasons NOT to buy Youda

Matt Grimshaw

Youda's not the right solution for everyone, so to help you save time, here are three reasons NOT to buy Youda...

1. You've got fewer than 5 sites and/or under 100 people

When you're small, the best way to shape the culture of your business and to influence what your people are thinking, feeling and doing is through your personal influence and behaviour as a founder and leader.

Introducing lots of HR tech, processes or programmes into a small business is only going to slow you down and kill the magical 'family' feel of your company.

But as you welcome more people into your business, you create more social complexity.

Once you get to about 100 people and/or c6-8+ sites, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain personal relationships with all the people you work with, and as a founder you start to feel you're becoming detached from the business.

In other words, your personal influence doesn't scale.  

It's at this point that you want to buy Youda so you can start to build the system you need to support a great culture at scale.

2. You've got more than 100 sites or 5,000+ people

At the moment, Youda doesn't have the depth of customer support or breadth of integrations and functionality to support really big hospitality companies... but we will have in the future!

If you're still interested in what we're up to, please be a part of our community.

And if you're really keen to start automating aspects of your employee experience, we'd love to chat to you about whether we can start by automating one aspect of your employee lifecycle - for example how you onboard new employees.

3. You're not looking to compete on people experience and culture

Youda is for hospitality companies that want to be authentically different.

Companies that want to create a people experience that reflects their brand, values and sense of purpose.

Companies that see their culture as the key to their longterm success.

But you don't have to run a hospitality business in this way. You might have decided that other factors are going to be more important to your success. Maybe your strategy is to win on marketing, product or financial leverage.

If that's the case, the flexibility Youda offers will be of less interest and you probably want a more established, cheaper product.

If you think Youda might be right for you, have a read of the three reasons to get Youda, or book your demo call with me now.

Matt Grimshaw
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