December 8, 2023

What does Youda actually do?!

Matt Grimshaw

Youda is the glue that connects all your HR tech applications together so they work as a seamless, coherent system.

Think of it like the central nervous system for your HR tech stack.

Youda does two things:

  1. It pulls all your people data into one structured database so you have a single source of truth ('the brain')
  2. It allows you to create automated workflows that run across the HR tech applications you've hooked up ('the nerves')

You can do pretty much anything with these automations from simple tasks like creating chatbots for booking holidays, through to more complex user journeys like onboarding new employees or training new managers.

At the moment you tell us what automations you want and we build them for you, but in time you'll be able to build them for yourself using a drag and drop platform.

And every month we release a set of new 'recipes'. Our recipes are templated automations designed by industry experts. Each recipe covers a key area of your employee experience like feedback, onboarding new employees, compliance training etc, so you can quickly build out the support you offer your people.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please book your demo call with me now.

Matt Grimshaw
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