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Freakishly Anticipated Quandaries

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How quickly can I get Youda up and running?

To be honest, it depends on how many integrations you need us to set up. A relatively simple set-up would take us 2-4 weeks.If you want lots of integrations, it’ll probably take us 4-8 weeks.

Can I change the templated automations to reflect our brand and how we want to work?

Yes! As part of our onboarding process our Customer Success team will work with you to configure the automations exactly how you want. And once you’re up and running, our Customer Success team will keep monitoring your user behaviour and feedback. If we identify opportunities to improve the performance of the automations, we’ll work with you to get this sorted.

Are there limitations on what I can integrate with Youda?

We’re happy to help you integrate Youda with any employee communications platform or HR application that has an open API. If you have a particularly niche integration requirement (i.e. you want us to integrate with an app that very few companies use), we may need to charge you a small additional set up fee as part of your onboarding. Also, just to warn you, there are some HR tech applications that aren’t open API, and there are others that say they have an open API, but when you look under the hood they have lots of constraints which would limit our ability to make it play nicely with Youda. So if you’d like us to review the API documentation for your HR Tech stack, please contact our sales team. If you want to understand more about APIs, webhooks etc, check out our beginners guide to HR tech.

If I buy Youda, what else do I need to have to make best use of the system?

To make the best use of our chatbots, you’ll want a communications platform or application like Slack or Workplace from Meta. And if you have 100+ people you’ll almost certainly want a good rota and payroll application. If you’d like some advice on what to choose, please contact our sales team.

What if I want to create a bespoke automation?

Awesome. We’d love to do this for you. The whole point of Youda is to help you create the employee experience you want. We can’t promise we’ll be able to do it overnight(!), but we’ll be as responsive to your requests as we possibly can.

How do you calculate the price we get charged?

We take the total number of employees you have on Youda on the last day of the month as the basis for calculating the price for the following month. So the price you pay will fluctuate if your total number of employees changes from month to month.

Can I get a free trial?

Unfortunately not. There’s quite a bit of set up work involved in getting a customer up and running, so at the moment we’re not offering a free version of Youda.

What if I change my mind?

We have a three month notice period, so if you’re not happy with Youda or not seeing the value, you’re not locked in.

Do you charge for onboarding?

We only charge onboarding fees if we have to set up and test a custom integration, in which case we charge £1,500 per integration.

Are there any hidden fees?

Some of our automations use third party applications for completing things like Right to Work checks, digital contracts, background checks on bank accounts etc.
We typically absorb the cost of these applications into your Youda subscription, but our contracts include a fair use policy.

How do you keep our data safe and private?

We take data security really seriously at Youda. Our servers are hosted on AWS in [=} and we make every effort to keep our application up to date with the latest security patches. Our data centre is EU safe harbour compliant and all our plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Can I put my sales and customer feedback data into Youda?

No (at least for now). Youda’s set up just to take people data, but what we can help you do is export the data from Youda to a BI (Business Intelligence) tool.

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